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Kids Love Us... And Parents Do Too!

"Miss Colleen is AMAZING. She is a veteran kindergarten teacher and knows how to organize a class, students, schedules, and the like with ease and grace. She has an incredible memory for names and always calls the kids by their first names after the first lesson. We loved that kind of attention after years of "rec center" classes where even after 2 weeks, the instructors still didn't know the names of my kids. After years of those type of classes where the instructors are outnumbered and my kids did not actually learn how to swim, the personalized attention Colleen gave my kids was a welcome relief. She was able to assess their strengths and weaknesses straight away and guide their learning. We came to her last summer with two older kids- then 7 and 9 who were still, despite all my attempts, not what I would call even water safe. By the end of the first set of lessons, they were water safe due to Colleen's attention and instruction. We did a second round of lessons and ta-da! After years of frustrated effort, we had 2 swimmers! We did a refresher this summer and my kids, now 10 and 8, are no longer afraid of the deep end, swim with style (albeit splashy! :), and know what to do if they are starting to get tired: head down, reach out, and get to the wall. I couldn't be more thankful for Colleen and the gift she gave my kids. Worth every single cent and such a treat." -Rue

"This is our first summer swimming at Colleen's and we can't wait to come to back! The instructors are patient with the kids while at the same time being strict enough to make sure that every student gains the skills they will need to swim. The water is heated by solar and plenty warm to swim in even at our 10 am session.There is a beautiful shaded grassy area to sit and wait while your kids are swimming as well as a clean and easy to access bathroom.  We had to miss a class due to a prior commitment and Colleen happily offered an additional session time to make up for the time we missed." - Candace

"We put our 3 year old in her swim class and the 1st day he didn't want to go in the water and after the 1st week he was swimming on his own. Highly recommend this swim class." -Eric



"Another amazing year at Colleen's swim school, the teachers are amazing and my 3 year old is swimming across the pool. Highly recommend this swim school. We will be back once again next year for the third year in a row! Love this place! So glad we found it!! Maddox loved it, and Maverick will too!" -Kristen


"Colleen and her staff are amazing!  They know each child by name and their small class sizes allow individual attention!  My 3 year old son has been afraid of water and getting his face or head wet is unheard of!  He just finished his first session and he had no problems going underwater and even jumped in by himself!  Grateful to know he's more confident in the water and seems to have conquered his fear!!" -Meagan


"My child loves going to swim sessions at Colleen's! She has learned to love the water. We will be coming back. :-)"  -Elizabeth


"Ms. Colleen and her instructors are so great! This was our 2nd year attending and my boys love it. 
In fact, they were sad that today was their last lesson. Even my 2.5 year old loved his lessons. I'm so happy with the progress they've made this year- we'll keep coming back each summer!" -Emily


"What a great experience for both my 7yr old & myself.  We had first visited a swim school in Murrieta that was indoors.  After walking in we were immediately overwhelmed by the fumes of chlorine.  So bad that you felt your eyes begin to burn & water.  Fortunately for us, they were booked so back online I went & found Colleens!!!  Beautiful, comfortable outdoor setting.  Colleen & her team do an amazing job that the kids just love!  Sign us up again Colleen we'll be back next summer!!!" -Sharon & Shelby


"What a FANTASTIC group of teachers! My son loves it here and everything that he is learning. The groups are small so the teachers are able to give one on one attention to each child. The facility is clean and safe. The pool is heated off of solar so it was always comfortable for the kids.They offer classes all through the day so one is bound to work for you.  I feel very confident in what my son has learned during his time with them. I can't wait to sign my youngest up for mommy and me classes! Thank you, Ms. Colleen and team!" -Tiffany L.


"Colleen's swim school is absolutely amazing!!! Our 5-year-old, who has been in a pool since he was 2, has not let go of his floaties. We have been to 3 classes and he is excelling so much and so quickly. We got in our pool last night, and did not even ask for his floaties. Yahoo. The ladies that help with my son's class are absolutely amazing, they are sooo attentive to the personalities and fears of each child!!! They don't force the children to do something if they are scared, they take the time to encourage and overcome a child's needs. I cannot say how amazed I am at the progress and spectacular teaching Colleens Swim School provides.  We will definitely be back!!!" -Steph


"I am so excited to have found Colleen's Swim School! I have 3 and 5-year-olds and after 8 days both have improved their water knowledge and technique more then I could imagine. We live in Temecula so I was reluctant with the 25 minute drive, but SO worth it! We have tried lessons through the city and the kids had fun but didn't improve much and certainly weren't swimming. This year they are both swimming!!! The teachers are all wonderful and while the classes consist of a small group of children (similar age/skill) plenty of one on one time and attention is given. We will definitely be returning! Thank you, Colleen!!" - Tawnya 


"My son will be 3 next week and the first week he cried and was not easy to deal with. Today was the last day of session 2 and he swam across the pool! The instructors are so good with the kids, can't wait for session 3 to start! I highly recommend Colleen's swim school!" - Kay


"We have gone to Colleen's swim school three years in a row (one year for each kid). Colleen and her helpers work so well with the kids. The classes are small and the structure really works especially for my very timid 4 yr old." -Tiffany R.


"Clean, safe, tropical environment with shaded seating for parents. Non-stop instruction will keep your kid interacting & learning the whole session. I know my little girl loves it because she looks forward to coming to every class!" -Mindo


"My girls (8 & 9) love swim lessons with miss Colleen and her staff. They've gone 3 years now. She teaches Small groups in her home, yet it's very professional. She's very sweet and flexible if you need to make up a class for some reason. My more timid daughter felt sad her first day this year because she was told to swim differently than she had gotten used to doing, but she kept trying hard and on the last day of the session she ecstatically said, "I made no mistakes!" I love that they teach them correct swimming skills because knowing how to swim well is a must for their safety! We will be coming back next year." -Crystal


"Miss Colleen and Cassie are an amazing team! My 4 year old son loves going each day and is excited to learn. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a fun and affordable swim class!" -Ashlee


"My boys have become amazing little swimmers thanks to Colleen's Swim School. The staff pays attention to each kids individual abilities and needs. This is our second year and plan on doing it again next year. You know you have picked the right Swim School when your kids are excited to go!!!" -Jenn


This is our third year doing swimming lessons at Colleen's swim school and we couldn't be happier. When our daughter started at age 3 she was nervous to put her face in the water. Now at age 5 she's the youngest in her swim class and is learning the freestyle, backstroke and breast stroke. She has blossomed into a confident swimmer!" -IIse and Wes


"We love Colleen's Swim School & Ms. Colleen!! This is my 4 & 5-year-olds first time taking swimming lessons, and while they have a ways to go, I'm so happy with the progress they've made so far. We'll definitely be doing another session and coming back next year as well. Ms. Colleen and her staff are so sweet and patient. Her class sizes are small and there are always 2 instructors in the water. And, her backyard is gorgeous and clean. Definitely the best place around for swimming lessons!" -Emily


"This is our fourth summer here at Ms. Colleen's swim school (3 of our 5 have swam with her now). The pool area is gorgeous and clean. Ms. Colleen and her staff are so great with the kids and lead them with confidence in the water, which helps both timid swimmers and those looking to strengthen and expand their skills. Highly recommend Ms. Colleen's Swim school. Can't wait for next summer to start the baby." -Tara


"Colleen and her staff are amazing!  They know each child by name and their small class sizes allow individual attention!  My daughter loves going to swim class and I know she's getting stronger in the water every day!"  -Meagan


"Have taken my two kids here for two summers in a row. We love how the kids start learning right away. Small groups mean the kids get a lot of swim time and a lot of one on one time with instructors. Colleen always has wonderful instructors who love kids. We will continue lessons for a few more years to make sure they are learning how to swim the right way. I wouldn't take my kids anywhere else! (BONUS: Colleen has a beautiful tropical backyard as the backdrop for these great lessons!)" -Sarah


"Colleen is an amazing instructor. She teaches the kids important skills and also helps them gain confidence. She has taught 3 of my children and they just love her." -Jennifer


"My kids had a great time with swimming practice in a great environment, I highly recommend!" -Paul




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