Here at Colleen’s Swim School, we teach Red Cross Instruction.  You will find kind and caring instructors who are dedicated to helping children overcome fears and encouraging them to try, always demonstrating what is being asked.  There are no dry instructors at Colleen’s!


Colleen is a retired kindergarten teacher with Lake Elsinore Unified Schools and taught with the district for 30 years.  She has been teaching children to swim during the summer months for 30+ years.  Colleen has a love for teaching children that extends from the classroom to the pool.


We have taught thousands of children water-safety skills and swimming technique from a basic foundational to mastery of the breaststroke, freestyle, and backstroke.  Children love coming to Colleen’s Swim School so much that they ask to return every summer! When their abilities surpass our training, we send them off with pride to join the local swim teams!


The pool is highly conducive to teaching young children, as it has a large shallow area where the child can stand, giving them confidence and comfort to submerge their face and try new things that may be a little scary at first.  Here the children practice the ‘superman float’, floating on their backs, using a kickboard with face submerged etc. before they ever move on to trying it in the deep end. 


We teach small group instruction (4 -6) students in a class here at Colleen’s.  The ratio is never more than 4 per instructor and most often it is 2 or 3 per instructor.  We find that a child's learning is enhanced when another is in the pool with them. At Colleen's Swim School, we have seen how children inspire each other to try new things, and we use that as a teaching strategy.  Children love to show their peers what they can do.   


Cassie has been teaching with the school for the past 5 years and is our lead instructor.  Cassie is an awesome instructor.  She is patient and sweet.  The children love her.  With the older swimmers, Cassie helps them correct their strokes or a specific kick with positive constructive feedback, showing the correct technique.  She is a true asset to the school.


Crispin started as a teaching assistant and lifeguard in 1996.  He has been teaching on and off in the pool for the past 5 years, depending on his school commitments.  We love it when he is in the pool instructing children.  He too is kind and patient with the children.  They love him and the energy and laughter he brings to the pool.  We hope to have Crispin in the pool for a session or two this summer!




Contact Information: 

Phone: (951) 245-1684   Email:  Address: 140 Lucerne Street   Lake Elsinore, CA  92530


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